Job Search & Career Services

Everything in your resume, from your job descriptions to the references you list, can affect your job prospects. Don’t leave anything to chance!

Consultation (30 min)$0
New Resume$75
Cover Letter$45
LinkedIn Profile$150
Interview Coaching$100

Student Services

Students, we know how tempting it can be to procrastinate. If you manage your time well, you’ll have even MORE free time at the end of the process. But just in case you don’t, we’re here to help.

Essay Writing$20/pg
Essay Editing$10/pg
Transcribe Notes$5/pg
(Handwritten or Audio)

Business & Professional Services

Many entrepreneurs have awesome products but simply can’t convey how great they are to their audiences. We can help by being your voice.

Content Creation$250/wk
Virtual Assistant$25/hr
Manuscript Proofreading$7/pg
(1 pg = 250 words)
Book Review$50

“Before my resume was updated, I had not received many responses from potential employers (though I met a lot of their requirements). Kim-Lee highlighted key areas on my resume, as well as experiences that I had but did not include. After she updated my resume, I started to receive follow-up emails from employers I had applied to in the past and now I have 3 job offers to choose from. I recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with their resume.”

— R. Smith

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