About Kim-Lee

Author of 4 books, owner of this whole gig (since 2014) and from Toronto (affectionately known as #the6ix and home to Drizzy).

You’re probably wondering how am I qualified to do anything? Eh, good question. Let me see…

So, I graduated from college for Accounting and also have diplomas in Web Design and Organization Behavior.

I’m currently pursuing a BA in Information Technology from York University and am also an MBA candidate at Edinburgh Business School.

Most importantly…

I’m passionate about fixing things, especially broken resumes. Since 2011, I’ve edited over 1000 of them (not counting cover letters or online profiles).

One of my clients got his dream job in the Cayman Islands after we gave his resume a needed overhaul. Last I heard, he and his wife were at the airport getting on their flight!

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