About Kim-Lee

Kim-Lee Patterson

I identify as an Afro-Caribbean woman of color and I use the pronouns “she/her.”

In 1994, I was born in Toronto, Canada to an up-and-coming engineer and a beautiful medical receptionist from Jamaica. Not long after I started grade two, my parents decided I would be better off in a more responsive learning environment. I was homeschooled until I graduated from high school and then left to spend two years overseas, where I worked as a social media manager. I later went on to obtain two diplomas (Web Design and Accounting) and a certificate in Organizational Behavior by the time I was 21.

My writing career started early in life. As a toddler, my favourite toy was an old computer keyboard my parents forgot to throw away. By age 11, I wrote my first novella, which I published 5 years later in 2011. That was also the year that I landed my first paying editing client. I continued to freelance casually as an editor for 3 years until I formally registered my company, Your Writing Lady, in 2014.

Today, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology at York University. I have published 5 books, edited nearly 40, and continue to help students, professionals, and authors improve the way they communicate through writing. In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, I have decided to increase the attention I devote to editing and make the transition from running my business part-time to going all-in as a full-time editor and copywriter.

Side Note: I like to DJ, read birth charts, and look at luxury cars. I even make TikToks. 😛

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