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About Kim-Lee

As an author and a communications major with over eight (8) years of experience, I help people get their messages across by working with them to find the right tone and approach for written communications.

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"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."

-Benjamin Franklin

Praise from clients

D. Mupereri

"Kim did a great job editing my magazine articles a few days ago. She is very professional, she pays attention to detail without toning down the writer's point of view. She is the best and was on time to deliver. Thank you Kim."

J. Santos

"Kim-Lee Patterson was very professional and such a pleasure to work with. As a writer, I've always been hesitant to give my work over to an editor to look over as I do not want my writings to be altered. Yet, Kim-Lee took great care of my book and I look forward to continuing to work with her as I go into self-publishing. thank you for your timely and professional service! it is greatly appreciated."

R. Smith

Before my resume was updated, I had not received many responses from potential employers (though I met a lot of their requirements). Kim-Lee highlighted key areas on my resume, as well as experiences that I had but did not include. After she updated my resume, I started to receive follow-up emails from employers I had applied to in the past and now I have 3 job offers to choose from. I recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with their resume.

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