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Resume Writing

If you’re not getting callbacks from potential employers, then that probably means that your resume:

a) did not make it through the ATS bots, or

b) it did make it to a human recruiter, but then got put in the “nope” pile.

So how do you solve these problems?

For one, you want to make sure that you aren’t committing what I call the 10 cardinal sins of resume writing.

Once you’re sure that you haven’t committed these job search faux pas, then you’ll want to find out why recruiters aren’t seeing you for your potential. There are many reasons why, and you can read all about them here.

But, in case you’re in a hurry and just want to get on with the process of finding work, you can also send your current resume in for a FREE review of everything that’s wrong with it.

Yup, that’s right FREE. I won’t fix it in that session, but I’ll tell you why it’s not getting you many results.

Now you have that information.

Oh, what’s that? You don’t know how to format a resume or fix the problems I’ve outlined? Well, I can fix that too. Are you ready to turn over a new leaf?

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Career Coaching

It’s not always easy to figure out what you want to do or how to do it. Maybe you have an idea, but are not sure how to put it into actual steps you can act on.

Or maybe you (somehow) know exactly what to do, but have no idea which of your many interests to focus on. If you could decide on that, you’d be able to get it all done in a heartbeat.

If you relate to either of the above scenarios, you’re not alone. There are thousands of people who feel the same way. Maybe you don’t even relate to those feelings, but have another career-related issue entirely.

What can you do?

Well, you’ve got a few options. You can:

a) do nothing. Keep the status quo.

b) buy another self-help book on how to change your life, win friend, influence people and get the career of your dreams, or

c) you can set up a few sessions with a career coach and get first-class, 1-on-1 help to define your goals, set up an action plan, and … yes, of course, ACT!

If you’re wondering if this can really work for you, the answer is yes. But don’t take my word for it. You can hear it from others who have tried it and found success!

Remember, success is what YOU make it for yourself. Others are there to support you. So what are you waiting for?