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Kim-Lee Patterson

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About Me

1997: Happy toddler. Liked to write the letter “A” on the walls in MARKER. Good times.

2003: Middle school weirdo who read the thesaurus and dictionary for fun. Yes, fun.

2009: Teen nerd. Got straight As in English only to write god-awful Wattpad fiction.

2014: College kid with a fresh business license, a book fetish, and a stack of red pens.

Now: Caffeine-infused human. Still enjoys defacing book manuscripts with red pens.

This is great for my clients (who hate editing). Match made in heaven.

Ripped Paper Line Texture
Ripped Paper Line Texture
Ripped Paper Line Texture
Ripped Paper Line Texture
  • Sky Falls by Courtney Miller
  • Sex and The City 2 by Maear Kofi
  • No Mas by Billy Ray Fields
  • Rumi Rocks by Samara Lynch
  • Spooky SZN by Necole Ryse
  • Ethereal Dream by Joshua Light
  • Cry of The Fountain of Life by Ricky Bokovoy
  • Boa in a Banana by Holly Zarka
  • A Beautiful Bed for Birds by Holla Zarka
  • Tarantula in a Tea Cup by Holly Zarka
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Bachelor of Arts in Communications & Marketing

York University, Class of 2024

North York, ON, Canada

  • Member, Communication Studies Student Association (CSSA)
  • Member of York United Black Student’s Alliance

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